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September SBS Awards

Attention all Agents – it’s the September SBS Awards.

Firstly, hop-pologies for the lateness ( again ) – Mummy was very busy practising for Live Hay’d, and then poor Helga fell ill … but things have finally settled down a bit in the brick burrow now.

Sadly, we have to start with some sad news that one of our comrades has passed to Rainbow Bridge – Salem, who was part of the Jolly Burrows team ( code name “Pandemonium” ). Unfortunately, Salem fractured his hip and despite undergoing surgery, and lots of care from his two foots, left us on October 16th.

To honour Salem, we’ve decided to award not one, but two medals; a Brave Bunny Gong ( BBG ) for the injury, and then also an Opal Heart for the surgery – so will all Agents please raise a paw in salute.

On a hoppier note, Darcy ( Agent X ) celebrated her birthday on the 25th – so congratchewlaysuns to her. Also, “BabbysBunnies” have asked to join – so if you could just let us know what code names you’d like, then I’ll add you to the roster.

September seems to have been a quiet month – I guess most agents were busy; either on holiday, moving brick burrows, looking after relatives … or practising for Live Hay’d ?

Annie & Smokey ( aka “Demerara” & “The Shadow” ) were as busy as ever and constantly managed to keep their two-foots on their toes during the month, and also kindly kept reminding us all that Chris-moose is coming too. However, they surpassed themselves with the purchase of a tunnel that not only has two entrances, but comes out in two different places too … sounds brilliant !

But this month we’ve decided not to do the usual awards, but just to have one special award instead - to honour Emy-Rose & Finley’s ( aka “Miss Fluffy” & “Mr Snowflake” ) visit to Eng-er-land.

During their trip, they visited Burrow Court, Bunny Camp, and also Annie & Smokey’s two-foots and PriestHill buns – and they also found time to record a new Bunny Tune too. They made some fantastic postings during their trip, and then when they got home they then wrote an excellent three part report of their journey – superb stuff.

And not content with that, Finley also helped tearing off the wallpaper ( 20th ), then on the 27th they sent their two-foots to market and they came back with the biggest bunch of nommy carrots and the longest tops I’ve ever seen !

So, “felicitations” to Emy-Rose & Finley, and I’m proud to award you, the Légion d'honneur ….. salut !

Things have been a little quiet on the journals recently ( and I know we’re guilty too ) – so let’s try and have some cracking missions in the last two weeks of October ?

Over and Out,
( Adjutant SBS )


Oct. 23rd, 2014 06:59 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay, we did not expect to have such a large "legion d'honneur", we are very proud. Thank you very much Billy.
"Miss Fluffy" & "Mr Snowflake"



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