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My lovely sister Dolly has left us and is now on her way to Rainbow Bridge - where she'll meet Bella & Greta and all her other friends and relations.

She's been poorly for a while, and was very brave to put up with Mummy & Daddy nursing her - but she finally just slipped away this morning.

We're heartbroken, but trying not to be too sad as she had a lovely life and was a wonderful bun.

Farewell Dolly, safe journey,

Love & licks,



It's our Burfday today - and we're FIVE ..... we had to get out our "sneakret" claw to count how many times we've been round the sun !

We've been partying hard all day - well, actually we've been flopped out in our box , but hop-parently Mummy has got us some carrot tops as a special treat ... so we've decided to make an appearance. And after all, it is nearly 9:00 - which is TREAT TIME !!!

Love to everybun ( and especially our sister Bounty ),

Helga & Dolly xx

We're still online !


We know LJ isn't very popular anymore, but we do still keep an eye on it - and we're really ejoying the new Bunny Tunes playlist.

Not much has changed - according to Mummy we're still great big fat useless lazy rabbits , but then she tells us we're pretty buns too ... so we wish she'd make her mind up ?

One thing that hasn't changed is that we don't like having our picture taken - unfortunately Mummy caught us unaware while we were in our litter trays the other day, and shared it on Furbook ... so here it is below.

We hope everybun is OK ( glad to see Finley's belly got better ) and coping with all this sunshine - it's been bloomin' hot !

Love to Everybun,

Helga & Dolly xx

SBS Announcement

We were very sad to hear that our dear friend & comrade, Smokey ( aka The Shadow ) has left us for Rainbow Bridge.

Smokey had some very big paws to follow, but did a stirling job and was a stalwart of LJ, receiving lot's of awards for his dedication to duty.

Annie received the " Lagomorphia Star ", and it seems fitting that Smokey as her long time partner in crime should also be presented with it too. Billy is still AWOL, but we found his secret stash of medals, and there was shiny one just waiting to be awarded !

According to the old LIA records, this is ... "The highest award for service. Presented to Agents who have shown extreme dedication and selflessness above and beyond the call of duty in the service of the LIA and Lagomorphia. Only the truly exceptional few will be awarded this. " ... congratchewlayshuns Smokey.

Will everybun please raise a paw in salute, and at ease.

Farewell Smokey.

Helga & Dolly xx

Hoppy New Year Everybun

Hoppy New Year to you and your two-foots.

As you can see, we had a wild party and really let our fur down !


Helga & Dolly xx

Hoppy Chris-Moose Everybun !

Hoppy Chris-moose everybun - we hope you had a good one ?

It's been a bit hectic in our burrow recently, so we'd just like to start by saying fank yoo for our lovely cards.

We exchanged presents with Mummy & Daddy, Dolly had to open it as Helga gave up after one little nibble at it ...

But when we realised that it was a box with lots of things to chew in it, all of a sudden Helga perked up ...

And once we got the wrapping off and realised it was a big willow ball with lots of grass inside - well, there was just one thing to do ..... NOM IT !

Love to everybun,

Helga & Dolly xx

At Last !

We've finally got our paws on our parcel ... at last !

We've had to wait three whole days and it's all our "Apes" fault - Mummy went to a silly weeding on Saturday, and then they both went to some stoopid game of football on Sunday ..... we were not hoppy !

Anyway, it turns out it was from our friends Finley & Leony, and they have very kindly sent us some treats from "Le Jardin d'Emy-Rose" - and it was worth the wait, as they are VERY nommy.

We opened one of the bags last night, and it had lots of fruits in it including banana & kiwi & framboise & fraise & apricot & peche etc - and we nommed them real good.

Finley and Leony also sent some treats for our two-foots , but we've hidden them and are not going to let them have them until Friday as punnishment for making us wait ( tee hee ).

It was very kind & generous, and we really appreciate them, so we'd just like the say a very big Merci , and hope you like the pictures.


Helga & Dolly xx


We're very excited !

The postman tried to make a delivery to our burrow today, but unfortunately no-one was in.

So he left a card saying he'd leave it at our local Post Office for collection - but the card wasn't addressed to Mummy or Daddy, but to Helga & Dolly ..... so we've got to go and fetch it tomorrow !

We think Santa Paws may have come early ... and can't wait to find out what it is ..... ?

Helga & Dolly xx

SBS Announcement

Attention all Agents !

Most of you will probably have heard of the sad news that the LIA & SBS has recently lost one of their finest Agents ; Boogey Enrique Gallagher OBE ( LIA #0057 ), aka Agent Skywalker ( Hon. Brigadier ).


Boogey was one of the more “lively” members on LJ in the old days, he didn’t always get on with his “Apes” and generally his answer to anything was to “keel it deed” – he also briefly joined the SBS, and then more recently was on Furbook.

I’ve had a look at some of his old journals, and to be honest it was a bit difficult to understand sometimes as he used a strange language called “Ameribun” – but they are well worth a read.

Boogey also became a Husbun when he was weeded to the love of his life, Una – and they dueted together in “All I Ask Of You”
He was also responsible for some other great Bunny Tunes, including ; “Boogeys Sweater Song” ; “Gimme More Cilantro” ; “I Wanna Dance With Somebunny” and “When Roomba Comes Around” amongst others.

Boogey will be missed, and I’m proud to award him “ The Lagomorphia Star “ – enjoy your “Rabbit Skywalk”.

Will all Agents raise a paw in salute ….. and at ease everybun.

Over & Out,
Billy ( SBS Adjutant )


Spoilt For Choice

Mummy saw a recommendation on furbook for a company called "forhaymazingpets", who sell treats and donate to small animal shelters. Now we were getting down to our last 5 or 6 packs of treats, so she asked us if we'd like to order some - silly two-foot ... of course we would !

So, we got her money plastic money card, and managed to order the following before she told us we had to stop ;

Raspberry Leaf
Broadleaf Plantain
Birch Leaf
Strawberries - dried
Beetroot - dried
Apple - dried
Carrots = dried

... and when they came we were pleased to see that a lady called Millie had sent them !

We're hoppy to report they are very nommy - Helga lurves the strawberry , Dolly the carrots, and we both love apple ...

Love to everybun,

Helga & Dolly xx